Sony Pulls Game Offering "World's Fastest Platinum Trophy" From PSN Store

Just a couple days after it would hit the app store, Sony has pulled ***** 1000 Top Rated from its store. The game, which promises the world's fastest platinum trophy you get on a PS4, has been trending on various outlets for a couple days now. Check out the trailer and continue on below:

The developer tells media that Sony pulled the game and requested he removes any mention of trophies from the title and description of the game, which he is happy to oblige. The game, which is .98 cents in the marketplace, was advertised as easy trophy bait for "hunters," who only play games to collect the most trophies. No word yet on when the game will be up again. 

Trophy hunters, I'm curious, would you buy this game, and why are you obsessed with getting trophies/achievements in gaming? 

Source: GameSpot