Sony Ships 60 Million Units Of The PS4

Sony has officially shipped 60 million units of the PS4 as of this week. In terms of success, the PS4 is still 20 million away from PS3's lifetime sales of 80 million, and a far...very far distance from the PS2 with 155 million. With the PSX in the two spot (101 million), this has the PS4 making it's way up the chart and expecting to surpass the PS3 before it's cycle is over. Depending on how long Sony sticks with the "Pro" format of the console it's possible this cycle lasts as long as the 360 and PS3 era, but Sony has not indicated one way or the other its next move following Microsoft's official announcement of Project Scorpio. Do you think the PS4 will catch the PSX or even the PS2?

Source: Sony Consolidated Financial Results