South Korea Has Launched A WORLD OF WARCRAFT Themed Cooking Show


A World Of Warcraft themed cooking show will make it's debut tonight in South Korea. Kotaku reports that "WoW! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready" (probably sounds better in Korean) will feature celebrity chef Choi Hyun-seok and other WoW players as they create dishes inspired by the series as well as talk about their adventures in-game. 

Considering the popularity of Blizzard titles, I'm not at all surprised to learn this will be airing on South Korean television! Hell, I watch cooking shows and they aren't even video game themed I would love for something like this to come to the states! That said, besides the Horde and Alliance flags, I'm not seeing too much game influence so we'll have to see how the first episode mixes cooking with the game. 

Check out a short promo for the series below!