SOUTH PARK'S New Mobile Game Is Out, And It's Actually Pretty Fun

After a long stint of not having a decent mobile game to kill time with, South Park has swooped in and delivered another great game. If you like RTS games and collectible card battles, then you're going to love what South Park: Phone Destroyer has to offer. Take a look:

Ubisoft says the game boasts 60 levels in its single-player campaign and 80 collectible cards that can be put to use in the campaign or against other players. Players will also be able to team up with friends and share their cards in order to crush all who stand in their way. Of course, those without friends will always be able to purchase cards in-app, but who didn't see that coming? 

I played the game for a brief moment before this write up, and I can say this experience is on par with other games I've played with a similar style. I also enjoyed how the game made it appear that I was Facetiming with Cartman, and the cinematics thus far have been top notch. 

Pick up the game for free today in the app store and Google Play and let us know what you think.