SPARKLITE Preview: New Light On the Competition

We have been plying top-down adventure games for many years. From the original E.T. game to the recently revamped Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch, gamers have enjoyed games like this for three decades. Sparklite builds on the fantastic combat and style of past games with its own set of tools players must create and use to fight and solve puzzles. Sparklite has one other very different feature—the world is procedurally generated. Meaning that every player’s experience will be different and challenging in its own ways. With five different settings, a wide variety of enemies and challenging bosses all coming at you at random, Sparklite is ready to challenge and engage players new and old.

Red Blue Games has put together not only a game that sounds incredible to play but a beautifully realized pixeled world that looks surprisingly lifelike. No, I don’t mistake anything for being real life, but I do think the world feels very full of life and all the animations and environments scream personality. Sparklite has the potential to be a truly amazing game, filled with adventure, slick gameplay, and interesting puzzles. We’ll just have to wait for the full game to get a proper review. 

The game is slated to be released on November 14th this year.