To celebrate the box office hit record of Avengers: Infinity War, mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited will introduce some new Infinity War-related content to the game this week. Marvel fans who can’t get enough of the critically acclaimed blockbuster can expect to see several in-game items and references from Infinity War. 

Announced in a press release by Marvel Entertainment, the latest update will include new characters, story events, and a new villain. Of course, it doesn’t take too much to figure out that Thanos himself will be the latest baddie to appear on Spider-Man Unlimited. Furthermore, the newest expansion will also include a brand new Iron Spider suit. This is the same exact suit that Iron Man gave Spider-Man in the movie. You can check out the details of the press release below:


  1. Thanos has come to Earth for the Infinity Stones, sources of unimaginable power. And if the Spider-Verse heroes can’t stop him, the whole universe will fall to his twisted will!
  2. Fight the Mad Titan as a new in-game villain in a series of story events inspired by Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. 
  3. Unlock Iron Spider (Avengers: Infinity War) - The cutting-edge Spider-Man suit designed by Tony Stark for just such an end-of-the-world scenario. 
  4. Collect even more new characters from various Spider-Man comic books: Poison Spider-Man, Poison Doctor Octopus, Poison Rhino, Carnage (Venomverse), Lasher (Cell-12), Spider-Man Noir (Web Warriors), Iguana, and Little Venom. 

Spider-Man Unlimited is available now for the iOS and Android devices. What do you think of the latest Infinity War content that is now available in Spider-Man Unlimited? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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