Spotlight (4K) — JUST CAUSE 3's New Jetpack is a Riot

Flyin' High

It's no secret. I had an absolute blast with Avalanche and Square Enix's JUST CAUSE 3 when it launched. Yeah, it had some long load times and some bugs but most of that has been squashed and now, the chunk of content is upon us starting the Air phase of the Air, Land, and Sea set o' DLC. W00t!

Just Cause 3 is one of the purtiest games out there and the new missions are no exception to that rule.


So, if you've made it far enough in the game, Sheldon will signal you on your map towards a crash in the northern area of the game. At first, it was a bit difficult to launch, maneuver, and blast my way through the new air suit but honestly, just like the rest of the game, as soon as you have the hang of it, you'll have an absolute ball. Check out the pack here and be sure to check out the 4K vid below. BAM!