Square Enix Willing To Give Up Rights To HITMAN So Series Can Live On

Square Enix is willing to give up the rights to Hitman so the series can move forward, but there is a catch. To get Hitman, whatever company that decides to purchase will also have to take on IO Interactive, who is currently developing Season 2 of the newest incarnation of the game. Not necessarily a cheap package deal, but there are consequences if the two aren't sold as one.

For example, if a company purchases IO Interactive and not the rights to Hitman, well Square Enix is gonna make all the employees leave that work on Season 2 at the door on their way out. If you just buy Hitman and not IO Interactive, you're in the same boat and would have to reboot the franchise that has just been rebooted a year ago.

No word on any interested parties looking to purchase either the development company or the rights to Hitman, but we'll let you know as we learn more. 

Source: Eurogamer