SSBM: Hungrybox Wins Back To Back Majors, Says He's Considering Stepping Back From Melee


For the second major in a row, Hungrybox made the run from losers to take out Plup in the grand finals and secure the Super Smash Bros Melee Singles win at The Big House 7. In what should have been a super hype moment from Hungrybox (who is known for delivering some crazy pop-offs) there was this reaction beginning at 23:50 that was really out of character:

While it was not as huge of a moment as Plup defeating one of the old Smash Gods, there was certainly cause for celebration as winning two majors in a row is insane. Yet, HBox faced a crowd, half of who looked visibly disappointed and the other half who were quickly finding the exit. Seemingly upset by the crowd response in addition to other things, Hungrybox went to interview and announced he's considering stepping away from Melee for a bit:

Of course, nothing is set in stone, and I'm sure whatever comes out of that announcement will be several other discussions HBox has in private with Team Liquid, sponsors, and various other people other than the fan base, so it's best to just sit back and wait for him to announce what his future is in the sport going forward. For what it's worth, it seems like it was just a weird moment and HBox will be back at it soon enough looking at his Twitter: