Staff Picks: Top 3 Games Of E3 2019!

E3 2019 was an incredible show with a ton of great games on display. If you may have missed any of GameTyrant’s coverage be sure to check out all the posts here as there are tons of hands-on impressions! Like every convention, there were games that stuck out more to some staff member than others. This year we are doing a full Staff Picks segment on E3 2019 where each of us has picked our top 3 games of the show. Check it out!


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Finally! Goodness gracious! Some real gameplay and a somewhat finished product. This game might actually come out and I’m really excited for it. It looks stunning, the gameplay looks really fun and a good marriage between action and strategy. Let’s hope it actually comes out next year!

Fall Guys

I’m excited for this because I am a huge multiplayer fan. Especially multiplayer arcade games. I play games with a lot of really casual gamers and people that don’t often play games, so this looks like a really great party game.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Bungie might create the magic that the original trailers of Destiny brought to us. With a profound story, a huge overhaul of customization and the new business model, I think Bungie is ready to make a Destiny 2 into the game it always could have been.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Ever since The Legend of Goku games back on the Gameboy Advance, I have been waiting for a full adventure game in the DragonBall universe. While those nostalgic classics were great 16-bit adventures, this current generation console edition of a Goku-based adventure being announced is more than enough to get me hyped up!


Being able to play as a creature in the wilderness is an interesting outlook on its own. Most animal games derive a story that still involves civilization in one way or another, but Breaking Walls is leaving the Sugar Glider in its elements and giving players the chance to see if they have what it takes to survive the madness within the wild.

Luigi Mansion 3

Probably the best spin off series to the Mario games, in my opinion, is continuing its own adventure through ghost filled halls and rooms. The first game is already considered a classic and the chaos around a cowardly Luigi continues. This series is one I hope to see keep growing as it has yet to disappoint and the next title appears to be no different.



Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemons making history in my opinion with introducing a 'Core' pokemon title to home console by way of the nintendo switch. We have seen other games like Pokemon Snap, Colosseum and Mystery Dungeon however this new entry definitly sets the stage for more to come.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has always been a special game that has for me been almost a guilty pleasure. A sweet innocent game that I've spent way too many hours playing to even remember. This latest entry, which sadly we have to wait for, looks to expand our ability to not only play with friends locally but also tailor our own little island getaway to our hearts content.

Astral Chain

Who doesn't love a combat driven futuristic Anime showdown? Astral Chain looks gorgeous with brilliant attention to detail and an interesting combat system. It is refreshing and exciting to see something of this caliber come out with stylized guns Blazing.



Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projeckt Red + Keanu Reeves = Perfection

Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars + Respawn = Drool. Color me extremely cautiously optimistic.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

I absolutely loved Luigis Mansion on GameCube and for something I can play with the whole family when I am not playing Cyberpunk, that would be LM3. I can’t wait for the Switch version of the series...



Sakuna of Rice and Ruin

This 2.5D sidescroller/rice farming sim has captured my heart with its wonderful art and combat. My game of the show hands down!

Iron Harvest

I couldn’t pull myself away from this RTS set in an alternate version of history. This very well might be the best RTS I have played in years!

Fall Guys

I can’t think of many times I have had more fun playing a game than in Fall Guys! Wacky objectives hilarious physics and tons of fun will likely keep me coming back for more for a very long time.

What did you all think of this years E3? Which games were your top 3 standouts? Let us know below!