Stallion83 Hits 2 Million GamerScore!


Image Credit: Guinness World Records

That’s right Raymond “Stallion83” Cox has hit an unprecedented 2 million GamerScore! GamerScore was introduced back at the launch of the Xbox 360 as a way to tally the value of unlocked Achievements. As games have changed over the last 13 years so have Achievements. Retail games used to account for 1000 points per game while Xbox Live Arcade titles offered up a smaller 200 point total. As DLC became more commonplace, new content packs would add up to 250 points per expansion. With the launch of the Xbox One in 2013 point values were once again readjusted with each game, retail or download, offering up a base score of 1000 points. With bigger game compilations, like The Rare Replay or Halo: The Master Chief Collection, scores have even ballooned up to 4000 - 6000 points requiring a large amount of dedication to unlock them all.


Image Credit: Guinness World Records

To commemorate Stallion83’s incredible milestone, Microsoft sent a specially designed controller featuring an engraving of 2,000,000 G. Stallion83 used this controller to unlock his milestone Achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. According to Stallion83 it has taken “almost” exactly 13 years to achieve this new record but isn’t sure about going for 3 million GamerScore.

Two million has taken 13 years now. I got my first achievement on 22 November 2005. So, I did the 2 million almost 13 years to the day. I’ll always love video games and achievements and I’ll always be playing and going for them.

The amount of time and dedication unlocking this number of Achievements would take completely boggles my mind! I used to consider myself a moderate “achievement whore” up until 2014 and I barely even broke 110,000 GamerScore. Congratulations Stallion83, you are a true hardcore player!

Source: Guinness World Records