STAR CITIZEN Developer Cloud Imperium Games Suffering from Internal Conflict

Yesterday we talked about Cloud Imperium Games' upcoming indie title, Star Citizen, in the official GameTyrant Podcast. Well, it turns out that the incredibly ambitious space exploration title may be suffering from problems other than just biting of more than they could chew. Lizzy Finnegan over at the Escapist interviewed a number of former CIG employees who talked about the many struggles of working for the company. Many of the complaints included improper conduct with employees, blatant racism and sexism in the hiring process, and the company owners' use of the company's $90 million in crowdfunded money for personal expenses. (To put that number in perspective, Disney Infinity, one of the most expensive games ever made, had a budget of $100 million.)

This makes me incredibly bummed out, because the game itself looks super impressive! I really want to see Star Citizen come out and be the major hit it promises to be. It's sort of like learning that one of your favorite actors is actually a giant asshole. If you want the full details on the goings-on of this seemingly toxic working environment, I recommend giving the extensive article a read. I've worked for my fair share of startups over the years, and it sucks getting stuck in one where you believe in the product but can't stand the people behind it.

Source: The Escapist

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