Star Citizen Raised 1 Million Dollars within 24 Hours!

As of the 27th of November, Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen was successful in raising their total crowdfunding dollars from $166 million to $167,134,692. Due to anniversary and holiday sales on in-game ships, the team was able to show that they are still a powerhouse for crowdfunding. For a game that started on Kickstarter, the scope of Star Citizen is seemingly  far beyond what many AAA title have been doing in recent years, which in all fairness is part of the team's reasons for delays.


While there are still no exact release dates for their single player or consistent online universe, Cloud Imperium has been able to release some pretty exciting videos and closed betas for 3.0, showcasing the massive scale and depth of the game, garnering a lot of positive responses. Along with the recent details, they were able to release a new video showing off new ground vehicles and Alien ships such as the much anticipated Banu Merchantman and Defender, which only adds to the excitement. Whether or not you support the project or are upset about the inflating timeline and scale, it's hard not to impressed with the massive financial support the game has been receiving.  

If you are interested in learning more about this ambitious game, click on the link below.

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