Awesome Concept Designs For STAR FOX 2 Released by Nintendo


Star Fox 2 was meant to be released in 1995 for the SNES by Nintendo, but just before it's released they pulled it back and shelved it. With the release of the Super NES Classic Edition, Nintendo have decided it was time to finally have this released after being shelved for 22 years. And many old Star Fox fans appear to be very excited by this news. 

To further hype up the anticipation, Nintendo have released a user manual for SF2 on the official website for the game. And if you look very carefully among the manual pages, like Kotaku did, you will actually find two pdf documents:

Although I am sure you will find both quite interesting, I was more interested in the concept designs. It shows the detail that designers go through for every aspect of the game, and this was just for the Arwing ships! Concept game artists are so talented, and I love watching their work being transformed into in-game designs.

I've included a select few designs for you to look through, but make sure you take a look through the complete document for all the designs.


Some great concept art, right? Will you be getting SF2 for the Super NES Classic Edition? What other old SNES games are you wanting them to bring back? Let us know, and maybe we can convince Nintendo through our contacts to do just that.


Source: Nintendo; Kotaku