STAR FOX ZERO Teases Flying Landmaster, Retro Arwings, And New Mini Game

Star Fox Zero just upped the ante with this latest reveal! Among the things you'll see in this short video...

  • Amiibo functionality: Falco Amiibo gives you a black and red Arwing. Star Fox Amiibo unlocks retro Arwing (SNES) skin.
  • New vehicles: Operate a drone, go from air to bipedal at will, and the Landmaster now has a flying mode!
  • New Minigame: Essentially tower defense where Slippy and his dad (I guess?) have to defend their core from invading robots. Players use security cameras and weapons to fend off invading robots. Players can also make invasion strategies for robots and upload them for other players to try.

This is all more than I was expecting from what already looks to be a great game! Can't wait for April 22nd!