STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2’s Developers Just Spoke Out About Their Controversial Loot Boxes


And so the Beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is over, after it was extended for a few more days. Now we will all have to wait for the official release coming in November. Electronic Arts and DICE now have a mountain of feedback to work through, and you'd think the chief concerns would be normal things like control mechanics, glitches and bugs, systems crashes, etc. 

But no. One of the biggest concerns right now is the topic of loot boxes. For those of you who did not get to play the Beta, such as myself, let me explain. There is a new system of loot crates that is connected to your ranking. The higher your rank, the greater your loot reward. Nice and simple, but the concern is actually around microtransactions of these loot systems. Players are worried that, the richer you are, the greater the loot you can acquire, meaning that those of us who do not spend so much in game are destined to be killed by the wealthy and their mighty weapons.

DICE would like to placate your fears. They've hit up a new post on their blog, stressing that wealth makes little difference with loot crates if your character is not worthy of a higher reward.

The Beta was just a small piece of what we're making. Yes, there’s more content (new locations, heroes, modes, and the all-new single-player campaign), but we heard your feedback loud and clear after the first game. There is more player choice in multiplayer through a deeper progression system and an evolving, event-driven live service that keeps the community together by moving away from Season Pass and having all new gameplay content free for all Star Wars Battlefront II players.
Rest assured, we’re continuing to listen to you coming out of Beta. We’re taking a look at some of the most discussed topics, from Crates and progression to Strike mode (which we're considering changing to a best of three), the Specialist’s Infiltration ability (which might be a little too overpowered) and more. 

They included a list of what the complete final system will consist of, but the final item addresses the concern of crates and requiring a higher rank. Personally, I hope they sort this out before launch, as I would hate to face opponents who are overpowered simply by the muscle of their wallets and not having earned the right to use them.

Star Wars Battlefront II will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 17. I hope you all have your lightsabers and pilot helmets ready for the greatest galactic battles of all time. Let us know what you are looking forward to the most.



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