STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II The Last Jedi DLC Free For All Players

phasma resize.jpg

EA has recently announced the newest DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II will continue Iden’s story and follow through the events of The Last Jedi. Franchise mainstays such as Finn, Captain Phasma, and General Leia Organa will all be seen in this new DLC. That being said, it will also be free for all players when it drops December 13. Check out the trailer below!

This will be Battlefront II first Season of content, featuring brand new heroes from The Last Jedi, new challenges, new maps, and a new single player content featuring Iden. This is all exciting despite the recent backlash EA has been receiving as of late. Lets hope the free content can make up for this micro transaction monstrosity.

So what do you think? Hype? Sleep? I’m honestly interested to see how Phasma and Finn will play online but we want to hear from all of you! Let us know in the comments.