STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II Trailer Leaked: Yoda vs Maul!

In the wake of the Star Wars Celebration 2017 reveal dated for April 15, the trailer for EA’s massively anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II has been leaked via Vimeo and has nearly crashed the internet. Star Wars fans have griped about EA’s first Battlefront game for its lack of a single player campaign and limited content. Well, it looks like EA is listening and bringing some serious fan service. The trailer states “The Untold Soldiers Story” implying that there will most definitely be some sort of story driven campaign, along with the quote “Fight multiplayer battles across all eras.” Here is a quick reference list of key highlights shown in the leaked footage:

  •  Campaign for “An untold soldiers story”
  •  Space battles
  •  New locations and battles across all eras including from The Force Awakens
  •  Tauntauns!
  •  Darth Maul and Yoda Duel
  •  Rey, Kylo Ren, Maul, and Yoda all seem to be playable heroes

The trailer finishes with a title screen saying to Pre-Order to get Star Wars: the Last Jedi heroes. Check out the trailer below and prepare to get hyped! Impressive...most impressive indeed!

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