STARDEW VALLEY Was 2017's Most Downloaded Game On The Switch


After having a successful 2017, Nintendo just released the list for the top games downloaded on the Nintendo Switch both for Japan, and worldwide. Stardew Valley, the indie farming simulator, developed by the one man team of Eric Barone, tops the list on global downloads. However, on the other hand, Minecraft reigned supreme for the most downloaded Nintendo Switch game, in Nintendo’s home country of Japan. However, do note that the games included in the global downloads only featured titles that have also been released in Japan. So games that have been localized like Golf Story, is not included in this list. 

Personally, I was not entirely surprised with Stardew Valley topping the global downloads for the Switch. Ever since its release for the PC back in 2016, Stardew Valley has tapped a market that was once abandoned by Harvest Moon, the game that inspired Barone to develop Stardew Valley. The milestone achieved by both Stardew Valley and Minecraft are good indicators that indie-games are really doing well on the Switch. Of course, we can also state the fact that indie games are usually only available in the digital format, as opposed to big games that gets physical releases. 

You can check out the official list by Nintendo by clicking here for the global downloads list, and here for the Japanese downloads list. We also highlighted the top 10 games on both lists which you can see below:

Global Downloads for Nintendo Switch

1. Stardew Valley

2. Minecraft

3. Sonic Mania

4. Rocket League

5. Snipperclips

6. Overcooked

7. Shovel Knight


9. Kamiko

10. Steam World Dig 2

Japanese Downloads for Nintendo Switch

1. Minecraft

2. Snipperclips

3. Senran Kagura

4. Kamiko

5. NEOGEO Metal Slug 3

6. Overcooked

7. NEOGEO King of Fighters 98

8. Vs. Super Mario Bros.

9. Othello

10. Strikers 1945

What do you think of the games that topped the download charts for Nintendo Switch? You can also check our picks for the 5 best Switch games of 2017 here, and our full review of Stardew Valley for the Switch here.  

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