STARDEW VALLEY Is Heading to the PS Vita Next


The hit indie-farming simulator Stardew Valley once again expands its reach as developer Concerned Ape announced that the game would be heading to the PlayStation Vita. 

Lone developer Eric Barone confirmed via the game’s official website that Stardew Valley would hit the PlayStation Vita next on May 22, and shared that the release date of the game on the Vita is one of the questions that fans ask the most. Lastly, Stardew Valley is also available for cross-buy, which means that if you already own the PlayStation 4 version of the game, you won’t have to purchase the Vita version anymore, you can download it on PSN at no additional cost. 

In other Stardew Valley news, update 1.3 for the PC version of the game is already available for beta testing. The latest update adds the most-awaited co-op function in the game where 2-3 players can work together on one farm. As for now, the beta of update 1.3 is only available on the PC. However, Barone mentioned before that consoles will also get the multiplayer function, but the Switch will get it first with other systems following afterward. No word yet on whether the Vita will be getting update 1.3 together with other consoles or if it will get it at all. 

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