STARDEW VALLEY'S Multiplayer Update Is Almost Finished


A few weeks ago, Stardew Valley’s lone developer, Eric Barone, updated players on the progress of several updates for Stardew Valley, that includes new content for the single-player mode, and the introduction of a multiplayer mode, where players can team up with their friends in managing the daily grind of farm life. 

Now, developer ConcernedApe recently tweeted an update regarding the progress of the multiplayer mode, and it seems that it is coming along nicely. The dev said on Twitter that the multiplayer mode is in the quality assurance phase and that “bugs are being fixed at a very good pace.” As of now, no specific date has been given on the update’s release, but players can expect it to roll out this year. 

The details of the multiplayer mode was revealed last August in a post via the game’s official website. It will introduce several changes in the game’s mechanics, which will include the ability to recruit up to three friends to help you run your farm. Furthermore, these friends will be able to have their own inventories, plant crops, and marry whoever they want, potentially other players as well but this has not been confirmed yet. Lastly, the multiplayer mode will not include a split-screen play. Instead, players will have to rely on the online systems in place in Steam and other consoles. 

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