STARHAWK'S Online Functionality Is Officially Shut Down

Six years have passed since Starhawk launched as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and its online features are now down for good. Ever since June 30, Starhawk’s online multiplayer features have ended. However, the game’s single-player campaign remains playable. 

Starhawk, developed by LightBox Interactive is a spiritual successor to the 2008 title Warhawk. The game features a third-person shooter mechanic that featured the multiplayer mode as its central focus. Now that this mode is already gone, we wouldn’t be surprised if players stopped playing altogether even if the single-player aspect of the game is still present. 

Initially released in 2012, Starhawk received mostly positive reviews as it featured 32-player online battles and co-op modes. The single-player campaign of the game takes players to the story of mercenary Emmet Graves, who is on a mission to prevent mutants known as Outcasts from wreaking havoc to his home. Players are presented with a plethora of weapons and vehicles including a Razorback 4x4, Oc Heavy Tank, and Sidewinder Jet Bike. 

What do you think about Starhawk losing support for its online multiplayer feature? Are you still playing the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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