Steamforged Provides A Photo And More Details To DARK SOULS Board Game

April 19th is the official launch date for the Dark Souls  board game! Today they marked the announcement by teasing some miniatures that will ship (seen above) and providing more details on the game via Facebook.

In short? They promised the game will have a "fast setup with a long reveal". 1-4 players will make their way through locations and encounter several bosses. Players must combat these bosses as well as monitor their stamina to prevent from dying.

Right now they only have confirmed Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough to be bosses in the core game. The fact they specifically mentioned who to include in the core game leads me to believe future minatures will be released with expansions!

Finally, Steamforged is guaranteeing this will be the hardest board gaming experience you've ever encountered. Provided it's fun, I'm ready to lose!