SteamGifts = Free Games


Have you got a bunch of games cluttering up your Steam library from humble bundles or gifts, that you are never going to play? For those who are not familiar, is a wonderful website where you can potentially turn your extra Steam games into new Steam games!

How does it work? Well quite simply actually. You link your Steam account with their site. This allows for them to scan your library, to see what you have and what you haven’t installed. You and other users list games that you are going to give up (note you have installed the game at any time you can’t post it, it has to be a game you have never used/installed). **Edit** The game can't be associated with a steam account, in order to open a drawing for it. You put how long you want it to run for, how many copies you have (it seems that a lot of developers may use this as a means to disseminate their games to the public), who can enter the drawing (more on this in  a sec) & some stuff dealing with this, if there is any region restriction and how you will be giving the game (wither it's a key directly or gifting it through steam).

First is the drawing open to everyone on the site, only people you invite or only people in specific groups? Now how you can limit people is an interesting little mechanism that also creates motivation for other people to put new drawings up of their own games. See, Steamgifts has a “tier” system, called contributor level; you move up levels based on the current steam value of games you have created drawings for (with the value decreasing for each copy of a game you give away). Contributor level can be used as a limiting factor in drawings, where only users who have exceeded a specific contribution level can put there name into the drawing. Don’t worry there are a huge number of drawings that don’t require any contribution level.

Speaking of putting your name in for the does that work? Well here, once again, they have created some interesting devices for this. Every user earns 6 points every 15 minutes, to a maximum of 400. You use points to purchase access to the drawing, at a 1 point to $1 of the current Steam value of the item (at time of the drawing’s creation). So a $30 game will require 30 points to enter the drawing. So it will take a little time to get the points needed to enter the drawings for the “best” games, but pop back in periodically and enter drawings to your heart’s content.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go out there and win you some games!


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