STEEL CIRCUS Launches Their Early Access For Free On Steam

There are plenty of sport games out there and somewhere in the mix there are developers looking to make something brand new that also has a mix of familiar game aspects. Bringing a mix of handball and soccer is Iron Mountain Interactive with their latest game Steel Circus. Partnering with publisher Oasis Games Limited, this game has be released on Steam in Early Access for free, allowing players to see what this game has to offer even in its early days.

Steel Circus is described as the solar system's largest sporting event. Players will have to use their skill to pass, tackle, dodge, and use their characters unique abilities in a game where team play and tactical decision-making pave the road to victory. It is an online based game, so competitive matches lie in the wake of anybody looking to get started.

New sport games have the potential to rise or fall based on how the players and community feel about the overall experience. Balance is key with games like these and, admittedly, this game looks like it is getting off on the right foot. Check out the trailer below and see if this seems like a game you would like to give a shot; it is currently free after all.