SteelSeries Announces Rival 600: 2 Sensors for Next Level Precision


In previous models of the prestigious Steelseries mouse, the manufacturer used their TrueMove 3 sensor that was developed with Pixart. With TrueMove 3, Steelseries  nearly maxed out how well the sensor can perform. The Rival 600, however, has 2 sensors that will provide uncanny precision when lifting the mouse. The additional sensor helps keep the drift to a bare minimum and was specifically geared towards adjusting lift off distance. They had a demonstration laid out that digitally showed a live comparison of the Rival 600 and the Logitech G502. In this test, which a small robotic arm lifted each mouse from the same position, the Rival 600 performed nearly 75% more efficiently.


In this new Rival 600, Steelseries added a new weight system that's concentrated on center of gravity and range of weight, a new feature in their line of computer mice. There are 4 slots to attach  4g weights on both sides of the device. You can also adjust the center of gravity thanks to the slot options they have on each side. The mouse can go from 96g up to 126g. The mouse is also well lit with RGB as well. It has 8 lighting zones and integrates with the in-engine apps, making it easily customizable.

Both the left and right click have a new mechanical switch that has 3x the durability of the G502. This should provide a very sustainable experience that will last you at least twice the normal lifespan. The cord is also modular. This is a nice touch given that not all cords are created equal. All in all, the new Rival 600 redefines the mouse. Getting crucial feedback from their professional eSport teams has definitely paid off. In a nutshell, the Rival 600 has a very comfortable grip, easy to use modular customability, and most importantly, hyper accurate sensors that will help you “git gud”.


If you haven’t already checked out some of the newer peripherals from Steelseries, be sure to look into their headsets. Ultra-simplistic and super functional. We should be getting in one for review soon, so check back here for that when its up. In the meantime, check out the full specs and details on the Rival 600 from their website.

What are your thoughts on the Rival 600? Is there a question we missed?

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