STORIES: THE PATH OF DESTINIES is Currently Free on Steam

Stories: The Path of Destinies, the popular action-adventure game is currently free on Steam. The game has received mostly positive reviews on the digital platform and players can have it in your Steam library forever for no cost if you download the game this weekend. 

The game initially came out in April 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4. Players take the role of an anthropomorphic fox named Reynardo who is involved with a resistance group fighting against an oppressive Emperor. Reynardo then discovers a magic book that allows him to see potential choices he can make and their respective results and consequences, which will enable him to go back and make different decisions. 

The availability of Stories: The Path of Destinies for free on Steam forms part of a promotion from developer Spearhead Games as they prepare to launch their upcoming title, which will serve as a spiritual sequel to Stories: The Path of Destinies, called Omensight. The game released this May 15th. 

Stories: The Path of Destinies is now available for free for a limited time on Steam. The game is also available for the PlayStation 4. Are you picking up the game now that its free on Steam? 

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