Story Trailer For AGONY Gives Insight On How To Escape Hell


After first hearing about the horrifying looking game Agony by Madmind Studio about two years ago, I was interested immediately. Being a horror fan, having a game based on escaping hell is the core of what I have been looking forward to making my way through. There was a scare earlier this year that they were going to be delayed, but thankfully they were able to announce a launch date not long after. While the game will be coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, they did have to lower some of the content just to appease the ESRB rating, but this won't affect players on the PC who unlock the full gore content, which still gives players the option for the edited version that console players are forced to have.

The first time we were able to see some gameplay of Agony, the reality of just how dark and disturbing this game is going to be was shown. There has been a question that lingered for awhile despite all that has been shown and announced: How could anybody possibly escape hell? Thanks to the story trailer that has been released, this question can finally be answered! Check it out:

The purpose still wasn't given here, but now we know that we aren't just a simple soul trying to get out of hell; we're much more. With a mysterious offer, which I am questioning the full intentions of, we are given powers to make our way through hell and find the red queen. It wasn't said up front, but I can only imagine that this opportunity comes with a lot of strings attached and the end goal is going to be to kill the red queen.

I loved that we got to see more of the world as they gave us a glimpse into the story that will take place within Agony as well. More creatures were shown and some of the amazing landscape shows that this game will be beautiful, despite all the gore. I am looking forward to seeing the full landscapes design and can't wait to travel through myself, dodging and killing creatures as I make my way back to the living world. Are you excited for Agony to be launching this month or are you too scared to even touch the game?