STRANGER OF THE SWORD CITY Announced For The PS Vita in North America

Stranger of Sword City is the newest dungeon crawler RPG from EXPERIENCE (Demon Gaze) and NIS America. It is now officially coming to North America on March 22nd, 2016 and to Europe on March 25th, 2016 for the PlayStation Vita. Stranger of Sword City is a first person dungeon crawler of sorts, but it still has turn based combat (as seen in the screenshots below). Personally I love this type of portrait graphical style. I will always prefer a slick 2-D sprite or portrait over a crappy 3-D model. 

Stranger's most intriguing aspect, in addition to its art style, is the integration of a leaderboard. As part of the more western approach it will have spots for things like best clear time, top gear, etc. I've personally never thought about that type of thing when playing any kind of RPG, but it really is just another extension of an Achievement or Trophy-like system, so I guess it makes sense. I'll be interested to see if people use it very often.

At this point, I still need to see more of the combat in action to get a feel for how deep it is, but in the meantime catch the trailer and some additional screenshots of the game above.

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