STRANGER THINGS Gets a Hilarious "Bad Lip Reading" Treatment STRANGER THINGS Gets a Hilarious "Bad Lip Reading" Treatment

It is no secret that I love Stranger Things. I think it is a wonderful show and incredibly well done. I also love the Bad Lip Reading videos. If you haven’t seen any BLR videos they are hilarious. The idea is that they strip the audio from scenes of a movie or TV show (or even political debates) and then put in their own dialogue and music to try to match what the characters look like they’re saying based on their lips. Hilarity ensues and you bust a gut laughing. Well, their team just uploaded a BLR video for the first season of Stranger Things and it is funny. Eleven has a hard time speaking in more than one word (like in the show) but the words that come out of her mouth are great. Barb is a totally different character and it’s fantastic. Also, Mike's mom has an obsession with a tattoo. Check out the video below. What movie or TV show should they do next?

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