STRANGER THINGS Season Four Teaser Hints At New Setting

Netflix has shared a teaser trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things. Ominous music and creepy footage feature heavily, which is unsurprising for the sci-fi horror series. The television show has been a massive hit with Netflix viewers, so be prepared for tantalizing revelations spread out until the release of the next season.

As the trailer hints, it looks like Stranger Things might have a new setting for the next season. With the sinister tolling of the bell at the end of the clip, the words “WE’RE NOT IN HAWKINS ANYMORE” appear across the screen. It could be a reference to the Upside Down, but it might also suggest new locations for the characters to explore (and eventually to save). That would make sense given the introduction of the Russian narrative in the third season. It revealed that there are other “doorways” into the Upside Down around the world.

Maybe that detail will influence the story in season four. Let’s just hope that no matter what happens, Steve Harrington will get his hair back.

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