STREET FIGHTER V Pro Lands Insane 36 Hit Combo With Guile

Christopher Gonzalez has concentration like no other! The Street Fighter V pro showcased that concentration when he unleashed an insane 36 hit combo using Guile at a recent Wednesday Night Fights tournament in Southern California. In case you were wondering whether or not this is an easy thing to's not. From Eurogamer....

The cross-up is cancelled into two crouching jabs, the second of which is cancelled into a normal Sonic Boom.

The Sonic Boom is cancelled into a V-Trigger activation. Then there's a dash forward to get into his opponent's face, where he clobbers him with a fierce punch.

Then we see multiple punches linked with Sonic Booms fuelled by the V-Trigger state, and dashes forward to get back into range to continue the combo.

The combo ends with Guile's Critical Art - a spectacular finish that wins the round.

Essentially this isn't possible unless you have full V trigger and critical art bar. Check out the sick combo below, and if you're hankering for more Street Fighter V action Gametyrant is hosting a Street Fighter V tournament you can watch on our Twitch! The tourney starts around 11 PST!