STREETS OF RAGE 4 Ends 2018 With Screenshots, Cover Art, And Combat Reveal

A few months back, fans of the classic Streets of Rage series was hyped up to hear that there was going to be an all new Streets of Rage 4 game with a reveal trailer. While a new game of a classic series being made in the modern days can usually be a cause for concern, leaving fans wondering if they will change the art style or gameplay to fit a newer version that would be available today, the latest screenshots and short combat video revealed in a Dotemu tweet that they are keeping to the classic style after all!

Here’s the gallery of all screenshots, including the new ones and the games cover art. Check them out:

You can see in the screenshots alone that they are continuing with the side scrolling beat ‘em up style of gameplay that the series is known for and, as a big fan of the series myself, I wouldn’t want it any other way. On top of these screenshots, we do get to see some of the combat in action through a short gif that was also revealed.

I love seeing that players playing co-op will be able to juggle enemies in order to land a heavy combo that renders the enemy nearly dead, if not finished off. Reminds me of the awesome moves we used to be able to pull off back in the glory days of the Streets of Rage series. This series continuation is looking to be everything fans could have asked for!

Streets of Rage 4 is being developed by the combined efforts of Lizardcube, Dotemu, and Guard Crush Games. Unfortunately, they have not revealed which platforms they plan to publish on, but if you haven’t seen the reveal trailer yet, then I highly suggest taking another minute out of your day to check this out: