Stupid Dude Quits Job To Pursue POKEMON GO Full Time

There's always gotta be at least one jackass who makes the rest of us look bad. In an act of sheer stupidity, a New Zealand man quit his job to attempt and catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Go available in the game according to Gamespot. He is attempting to capture every Pokemon in the game in under 2 months.

Right now he's at 90 out of 133.

Not only is he making a complete ass out of himself leaving a well paying job to complete this game, he's also putting his friends out in the process bumming nights on their couches to complete his journey. I'm guessing he's hoping the fame of doing this will lead to something, and he's probably under the impression it already has now that he's making headlines.

I hate dudes like this for the record. They play into the stereotype that geeks/gamers are obsessive losers who pursue meaningless things because they don't have a life. This is why this guy is making headlines. Don't mistake him for a hero, he's an a**hole and that may be harsh but it comes with the territory of worldwide recognition.

Congrats Kiwi, you're making us all look bad.