STYLAERO And PASSPARTOUT Join Together To Let Players Be Real Artists

The developers with Flamebait Games have teamed up with the makers of Stylaero so that they can provide a new compatibility option on how to play the game. Their game, Passpartout, is going to be playable with an actual paintbrush and gives you the ability to be a true artist of the virtual world once released June 6th on Steam! Both of the companies CEO's spoke out regarding this integration:

“As a small experimental indie game studio we love trying out new technology. Implementing Stylaero in Passpartout has been an exciting experience so far and we look forward to see how the technology develops in the future.” - Mattias Lindblad, CEO, Flamebait Games
“A paintbrush stroke has fascinated us since we began our company. Seeing it implemented in the popular game Passpartout give us true joy. Playing the game with a paintbrush shows how we see interactions in the future, intuitive, familiar and fun.” - Oscar Spaak, CEO, Stylaero

This seems like an amazing game and set up for artists who want another way to express their talents. Check out the gameplay featuring the connection with the Stylaero below:

If you still want to know more, check out my previous announcement of the Stylaero Board!