STYX: SHARDS OF DARKNESS Unveils Cool Looking Co-op Mode

Players will be able to jump into Styx: Shards Of Darkness with a friend in an exciting new co-op mode that looks crazy fun! Here's the official breakdown via our friends at Focus Home Interactive:

Taking advantage of the extensive customization options in Styx: Shards of Darkness, you’ll be able use your save profile to bring your own unique Styx into a friend’s game. Having two players opens up many more options for clearing a level, but also doubles the risk of being spotted. Assassination partners must co-ordinate carefully in order to succeed!

To activate co-op mode, you need to set your game to accept co-op partners in your pause menu. You can invite friends or open it up to the public. When your partner finishes loading, you’re going to have to ‘summon’ him by vomiting him out. This process sacrifices half of your current health bars. Every time one of you dies, you will need to respawn in this way – it isn’t free! Before I forget, be careful when you decide to throw up your friend... the process is a little long, and it stops whatever you’re doing. Don’t do it unless you know you’re in a safe place.

Work together to create elaborate distractions, unleash dastardly duo assassinations, and run circles around giant bosses - every level and mission in the game is playable in co-op and every single skill, item, and piece equipment is available to use if you’ve unlocked it. Both players also have the ability to summon a clone, meaning up to four goblins can be active at once for maximum mischief!

I like the fact that bringing in a friend brings your health bar down. I would imagine two players knocks down the difficulty a smidge so that sounds like a good way of balancing it. I'm also a fan of the whole having to "vomit," your friend up to get them to respawn! Styx: Shards Of Darkness is out March 17th, and from everything I've seen so far, looks pretty fun.