SUCCUBUS Gets New Trailer Featuring Selfies And Social Media... Wait, What?


The spin off title to Madmind Studio’s game Agony UNRATED that was announced at the end of last year has just received a new trailer. The new Succubus trailer features our new protagonist, Vydija, finding a camera and posing for some selfies. It also leads us to a her own twitter account. This is certainly a new approach to game announcements to say the least!

As far as actual news on the game in terms of launch date and gameplay, this trailer has yet to mention that. They have set up on Steam already for interested players to add the game to their wishlist, but other than that we are still awaiting for some more news. We do know that the story is based around revenge after being humiliated and betrayed by her own species, the heroine regains her strength.

One thing is for sure, they are keeping to the mature audience goal. Plenty of pictures on the twitter and even this trailer show more of Vydija than would be initially expected. Consider yourself warned!