Super Mario 64 In First Person is Both Amazing and Nauseating

Youtuber Kaze Emanuar has created an amazing rom hack that puts you into the perspective of Mario in Super Mario 64. Because of the complicated animations that Mario has in the game it leads to some interesting results. Jumping, flipping and even running and a whole new dimension to the game, creating a perspective that often times makes it incredibly difficult.

There are some small problems with the hack, as the game was never designed to include a first person mode. For instance a lot of the geometry clips on the bottom of the screen, and when mario jumps certain ways it causes the camera to glitch a ton.

In this trailer you will see what general gameplay looks like from Mario’s view, and a what a fight with Bowser would look like. Bowser looks a lot more intense than i remember him being. All in all I think this would be an amazing addition to VR with some tweaking. Imagine playing through all of Super Mario 64 the same way people are currently playing through Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

This romhack looks incredibly enjoyable and I can’t wait until we see someone speed running this variation of the game, because we all know that it will probably happen.

What game would you like to see first person remakes of? Let us know in the comments below!