SUPER MARIO Cereal By Kellogg's Makes Breakfast A Playful Experience

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Ever since Mario was introduced to us by Nintendo back in the 80s, he has become an icon in the gaming community and continues to be relevant even up to today. Now, you can watch out for Mario in your local grocery store as Nintendo and Kellogg’s® have teamed up to introduce the Super Mario Cereal™. Yep, you read that right, you can now have Mario as part of your morning routine and it’s not just a simple cereal box art, as the box itself also functions as an amiibo, so you can start your day with a more playful breakfast experience. 

Tom Prata, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives said that: “This powered-up partnership with Kellogg’s is another exciting way for us to expand the Nintendo brand in unique and creative ways. We are always looking for new opportunities to bring smiles to people of all ages, and this is a fun way to kick off the day.”

This special Super Mario Cereal™ will be sold all over the U.S. as early as December 11. It will be a limited-edition though and no announcement has been made on how long the cereal will be produced. Players who own Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch can simply tap their cereal boxes to the console, similar to an amiibo to receive gold coins or a heart in the game. The cereal itself will also contain surprises with a "blast of mixed berry flavor", and "colorful power-up marshmallows.”

“We are thrilled to pack so much fun into one box of cereal,” said Brad Schwan, Senior Director of Morning Foods Marketing. “The package adds value and excitement for fans, with marshmallow shapes in the cereal inspired by Super Mario power-ups to tie the theme together.”

Nintendo is definitely ramping up its marketing for the highly-successful Super Mario Odyssey. Although I am not a cereal person, I love the fact that they didn’t just slap Mario’s face in the cereal box and made it innovative by adding the amiibo functionality in the box itself. 

Would you spend your mornings with Mario?

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