SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 Is A Worthy Successor To The Original!


Yesterday Nintendo showcased the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 during a special 15 minute Nintendo Direct presentation. Super Mario Maker 2 serves as the sequel to one of Wii U’s most popular titles Super Mario Maker. I am sure Nintendo could have just ported the first title to the Switch without anyone complaining but instead they opted to do the full blown sequel and added tons of new things to further enhance the experience! During the presentation Nintendo showed off tons of new themes and enemies including the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3! Players are also going to be able to craft slopes into their worlds a feature that was sorely lacking in the original game. Snake blocks are also making an appearance along with selectable water/lava levels. Super Mario 3D World also joins the game as yet another of the games selectable themes along with its trademark powers!

On top of the already impressive additions to themes, enemies, landscape and world building a full story mode has also been added to Super Mario Maker 2! Featuring 100 levels, story mode has players set out to earn coins to rebuild Peach’s castle. new levels are offered by various NPC’s and showcase all of the games features to help new players learn more on how to craft their own levels. A full range of multiplayer options have also been added to the game with both co-op and vs modes being available with levels being able to be crafted specifically for each mode. Unfortunately a Nintendo Switch Online account is need to enjoy the majority of play modes including sharing and downloading custom made levels. Nintendo will be releasing a special bundle of Super Mario Maker 2 that comes bundles with a year of Nintendo Switch Online for $69.99 saving players $10 over individual purchases.

Super Mario Maker 2 is launching on June 28 and is shaping up to be one insane package! There were some things in the trailer I can’t wait to try out for myself like the go kart. I am also wondering if we might see this edition of Mario Maker come out with DLC themes and game styles to further prolong its life in the coming years. Super Mario Bros. 2 or Super Mario 64 styles anyone?!