SUPER MARIO MAKER 3DS Announced For December 2016

Super Mario Maker is coming to the 3DS! Beginning December 2nd, players will be able to experience the fun of Super Mario Maker in a mobile setting with a few differences...

  • Players will exchange levels via local wifi and street pass.
  • 100 courses and challenges pre-loaded by Nintendo.
  • Players will be able to go online and play Wii-U courses, but not upload their 3DS courses online.
  • Mystery Mushroom will not be coming to 3DS.

Other than that, it essentially looks like the same experience you've seen on Wii U. I'm bummed out that users won't be able to upload their own courses online, but there's already plenty of levels on the Wii U version for people to enjoy. Will you be purchasing? If you're looking for the footage, it should start at 2:58!