Super Mario Odyssey Developer Answers Your Questions

Nintendo has been doing an excellent job of communicating with players and fans. Most recently Mr. Koizumi, a producer for Super Mario Odyssey has created a video answering a bunch of very tough questions from the game. Some of them vary from "Why does Mario have nipples, but no belly button?" to "Is Toad's head a hat or a head?". The answers are pretty funny as Mr. Koizumi clearly did not expect that fans would be curious about those specific design elements.

There were also some more interesting question that were answered, like how they decided to come up with locations for secret coins stashed throughout varying levels, as it turns out they were placed there because the debugging team reported to the design team that they were able to access certain areas, and in many cases instead of changing the level design they went with it and made secrets for players to find. It’s design elements like that, which made me want to explore and find everything in every zone of the game.

The one question that is on everyone’s mind, however, was still left unanswered. When asked about what was going on with the relationship between Paulina, Mario and Peach Mr. Koizumi asked everyone to please respect the privacy of those beloved characters.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of Nintendo and their PR/Media? It seems to me that they are doing a much better job than in the past and that they are opening themselves up to a more receptive and welcoming community that they have always had. This includes adding games that were previously never thought to be released on a Nintendo Gaming System or even funny quirky videos like this answering fan's questions. I would love to know!