SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Will Feature Mini-Game Leaderboard And Assist Mode


Super Mario Odyssey will feature a couple new features that haven't been present in other Mario games, and there's reason to be excited. The first of these new features is the Mini-Game Leaderboard, which will allow players to track their progress in some of the minigames present in the world (such as jump rope or RC car racing) and see how they rank against other players in the world. Check it out at the 3:00 mark and continue reading below. 

Another new feature is "assist mode" which will be the saving grace of parents with kids who suck at video games everywhere. This feature guides the player to their goals, and even captures Mario in a bubble to prevent him from falling off the map and only takes a bit of life as opposed to a full life. For those worried they may fail so much they activate this option, it's all completely optional so don't worry about it. 

Other features that get mentioned during the video include the previously teased snapshot mode, as well as a two-player option where someone can control Cappy. The two player mode is a nice sentiment, but it's one of those tacked on experiences similar to what Super Mario Galaxy offered. If you can find someone willing to play the most boring half of the game and not be upset you're doing 90% of the work, more power to you!

It won't be long until Super Mario Odyssey is in stores (October 27th), so make sure you find a Switch before then to play it! Is there anyone out there that thinks this game isn't going to be awesome?!