About a month ago, Nintendo surprised the gaming community by releasing an update regarding future titles coming to its gaming sytems via a Nintendo Direct Mini. Probably the biggest announcement among the many titles revealed is the inclusion of a mini game to Super Mario Odyssey called Luigi’s Balloon World.  Nintendo has since revealed that players can now access this new mini game starting today. 

Nintendo made the announcement of Luigi’s Balloon World via Twitter along with the reveal of three new outfits, which was also added to the post-game shop. These outfits will be a 'Musician Hat & Outfit', 'Sunshine Shades & Outfit', and 'Knight Helmet & Armor'. Furthermore, two new filters, Coin and Neon, have also been added in the Snapshot Mode. The mini-game, including all outfits will be free of charge. 

Luigi’s Balloon World will introduce a new mini-game of the same name, that can be unlocked by the player after finishing the main story of the game. In this new mini-game, players are tasked to find Luigi in each world to start hiding or finding balloons that are hidden by other players. 

The mini-game will impose timed challenges and the environment will implement weather changes while in play. In addition, players will be able to rank up in the leaderboards by obtaining high scores as they successfully hide or find a balloon. 

Lastly, Nintendo also fixed some minor issues in game with this new update, which includes an adjustment in the Jump-Rope Challenge that will introduce a speed change after reaching 110 jumps. Furthermore, best records will not be reset. 

Players who have completed Super Mario Odyssey can now download Luigi’s Balloon World for free.

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