SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY'S First Review Is A Perfect Score


The first review for Super Mario Odyssey is here, and it's a perfect score. Edge Magazine, who held off on their most current issue to prevent breaking embargo on their full review of the game, couldn't keep their 10/10 from hitting the web:  


In the gaming magazine's history, they've given out 19 perfect 10's. Now some have criticized Edge Magazine in the past for loosening their once mythical standards for a perfect ten...but it's worth noting that in the four years since that argument was made they've only granted 4 more perfect 10's since.

Two of those four are Nintendo Switch games as Super Mario Odyssey joins Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as another 10/10 on the console. That's another notch in the belt for the mobile console that could, and yet another console seller that will somehow boost Switch sales even higher. Do you think this is the only 10/10 we'll see for the game, or are you convinced that this game was a winner from the start?

Source: Nintendo Everything