SUPER MARIO PARTY For The Switch Is The Party Game We've All Been Waiting For

The Mario Party series is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Party. Of course, developer Nintendo is making sure that the game will utilize every single feature of the hybrid console to make the gameplay experience more fun and entertaining. 

In Super Mario Party, players will be able to play the game with just a single Joy-Con. This means that two players can play on one unit of the console. As expected, the game will also maximize the motion controls of the Joy-Cons for mini-games in the upcoming title. 

The most exciting feature in the game is the ability to have multiple Switch units in one gameplay. The feature works by first dividing players into a pair of teams, and each Switch will display content for each group, instead of splitting the screen. Most interestingly, players will be able to link multiple Switches together to build a single, giant display. 

Super Mario Party is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch on October 5 this year. 

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