SUPER MARIO RUN Already Number One Top Grossing App

Just a day after it's launch, Super Mario Run is already at the top of the "Free" and "Top Grossing" charts on the Apple app store. It would likely be on the top of the "Paid" category as well, but the app lets you download for free and demo the game before purchasing putting it out of the running. 

For those who haven't downloaded the demo yet (iPhone or iPad only), it's a blast to play! Collecting coins and completing challenges, while "shallow" is definitely a fun way to kill some time as I'm sitting around doing nothing. 

Many still question whether or not the game will be a success at a $9.99 price point. If I remember right, Angry Birds Space sold for the same amount and had no trouble getting that money from a lot of people, and the Super Mario Bros franchise has continued to sell well on re-releases marked around the same price. 

Have you tried the demo yet? What are your thoughts?