Superior Swordsman Rafael Sorel, Returns To SOULCALIBUR VI

Raphael-2 (1).jpg

Using their usual character reveal style announcement, Bandai Namco has revealed that their master of fencing and expert swordsman will be returning in SoulCalibur VI. As many of the characters from the Soul series character roster, this classic fighter shows off some new moves along with the style that we have grown to love and hate.

If you are having trouble remembering Raphael Sorel, he is the vampire swordsman that has special bite attack and grab. He is usually seen destroying his enemies with one hand behind his back half of the fight. Check him out in the action we face in the near future:

I have to say, I like his design in this game. Using the masquerade party outfit as his base is suiting to the era that his fighting style comes from. Not to mention his attitude always having plenty of sass with a side of snob. There’s no doubt that his Flambert will once again prove to be a threat within his talented hands.

Raphael is one of my character choices in SoulCalibur, following behind Kilik and Yoshimitsu, but I am also interested in trying out Geralt. SoulCalibur VI is set to launch October 19th on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Which character do you plan to main?