Surprise! STARCRAFT: CARTOONED is Available Now for Windows and Mac


Carbot Treatment

That’s right folks, Starcraft is getting a whole new cartoon, retro look from the fine folks at Carbot Animations as launching as Starcraft: Cartooned available now for Windows and Mac. Note that Starcraft Remastered is a requirement to play. While I haven’t dipped my toes into Starcraft for a bit now, this definitely came as a surprise..


We are definitely in a whole new era as Blizzard said they are expanding their releases, portfolio and game release count. This is definite proof in the pudding that they weren’t joking, nope, not one bit. While I prefer the more gritty aspects of the series, who knows, maybe this will fit your style that personally reminds me of the late early 2000 era Flash based web games. Check it out the trailer below and feel free visit the store page for more info; available for $9.99.