Survival Horror HEGIS’ GRASP Releases New Gameplay Trailer


Survival horror games seem to be very popular as of late. Many of them have a First-Person perspective and throw monsters at your face, not giving you the option to defend yourself, but instead allowing you to run for your life. Hegis’ Grasp is bringing back the defense. Guns, melee weapons, torches…we all need weapons when it comes to encountering the terrifying baddies a la Resident Evil 4. Check out the trailer below and catch a glimpse of the game in action:

It seems like Hegis’ Grasp is incorporating the use of both First-Person and Third-Person perspectives, leaving it up to the player what works best for them. I love this idea of freely switching between the two, a feature that isn’t implemented in enough games in my opinion. Story seems to be a heavy focus for this title so I am sure we can expect a mystic and horrifying narrative considering there is a novel for the game. Also, some of these enemies look like something straight out of Hell and are truly terrifying! Hegis’ Grasp is releasing on steam very soon, be sure to check back with Gametyrant for the review. So, what did you think? Does Hegis’ Grasp look like a pass or a play? Do you prefer defenseless or survival horror? Let us know in the comments!